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2012Considered spontaneity: the new role of the product designer.Gungaya, S ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2010Design for dialogue – community-based tourism as a catalyst for social redefinition.M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. ; Qually, Byron ; Sprong, Lyall 
2016Design for Sustainability in Higher Education Institutions: towards a more responsive curriculum in Cape TownYiannakaris, Laskarina ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2010Design for Sustainable Mobility – the appropriation of open-source technology in industrially developing contextsM'Rithaa, Mugendi K. ; Du Toit, Guillaume T. 
2017Design probes and toolkits for healthcare: Identifying information needs in African communities through service designDebrah, Ralitsa D. ; De la Harpe, Retha ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2012Design through storytellingMoalosi, R ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. ; Morekoo, B 
2016Designing for informal contexts: a case study of enkanini sanitation interventionAmbole, Lorraine Amollo ; Swilling, Mark ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2016Distributed Systems and cosmopolitan localism: an emerging design scenario for resilient societiesManzini, Ezio ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2011Drawing the line: when students design learning and supervisors eat cookiesChisin, Alettia. V ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2015The expected and actual communication of health care workers during the management of intrapartum: An interpretive multiple case studyM'Rithaa, Mugendi K. ; Fawcus, S ; Korpela, MJ ; De La Harpe, M 
2012I participate, therefore I learn': a process of co-creative graduate supervision in design research in Cape TownChisin, Alettia. V ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2012Promoting sustainability in Cape Town through embedding tacit knowledge in modern designMunyai, Keneilwe ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2010Sustainable solutions for cooling systems in residential buildings case study in the Western Cape Province, South AfricaFahimeh, Foudazi ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2012Traditional Toy Design: a South African PerspectiveMunyai, Keneilwe ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K. 
2016User-centric design considerations for women's functional protective wear for the construction industry in Southern AfricaKolisi, B ; M'Rithaa, Mugendi K.