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2003An approach to delivering sustainable teacher development in large science classesJohnson, Sally ; Scholtz, Zena ; Hodges, Merle ; Botha, Tommy 
2006Argumentation about data: learners’ ability to think criticallyScholtz, Zena ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Hodges, Merle ; Lubben, Fred ; Braund, Martin 
2007Comparing the effect of scientific and socio-scientific argumentation tasks: lessons from South AfricaBraund, Martin ; Lubben, Fred ; Scholtz, Zena ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Hodges, Merle 
2013First steps in teaching argumentation: A South African studyBraund, Martin ; Scholtz, Zena ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Koopman, Robert ; Braund, Martin ; Scholtz, Zena 
2010Gauging students’ untutored ability in argumentation about experimental data: A South African case studyLubben, Fred ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Scholtz, Zena ; Braund, Martin 
2004Investigating science teachers’ response to curriculum innovationScholtz, Zena ; Watson, Rod ; Amosun, Olufunmilayo 
2011Learning to teach argumentation: Facilitated reflection on a pre-service curriculum in South AfricaBraund, Martin ; Hewson, Peter W ; Scholtz, Zena ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Koopman, Robert 
2013Opportunities for developing critical thinking in the CAPS science curriculumLubben, Fred ; Scholtz, Zena ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Koopman, Robert ; Braund, Martin 
2008South African teachers’ ability to argue: The emergence of inclusive argumentationScholtz, Zena ; Braund, Martin ; Hodges, Merle ; Koopman, Robert ; Lubben, Fred 
2000Teacher change in the Western Cape, South Africa: taking a big step in science educationJohnson, Sally ; Hodges, Merle ; Botha, Tommy ; Wilson, Brian ; Monk, Martin ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Watson, Rod ; Scholtz, Zena