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2012At-home 2.0 – an educational framework for home-based healthcareVan Zyl, Izak ; De la Harpe, Aretha 
2013Changing mindsets: the attitude of pre-service teachers on technology for teachingVan Zyl, Izak ; Sabiescu, Amalia ; Pucciarelli, Marta 
2018Designing for design thinking: fostering an e-learning champion mindset through academic staff developmentGachago, Daniela ; Van Zyl, Izak ; Hitge, Liza ; Ivala, Eunice ; Morkel, Jolanda 
2017Developing eLearning champions: a design thinking approachGachago, Daniela ; Morkel, Jolanda ; Hitge, Liza ; Van Zyl, Izak ; Ivala, Eunice 
2013The dynamics of offering ICT training to pre‐service and in‐service teachers in a South African contextDumas, Chris ; Cox, Sanet ; Bytheway, Andy. J ; Van Zyl, Izak ; Bladergroen, Moira ; Chigona, Wallace 
2012Educator discourses on ICT in education: A critical analysisBladergroen, Moira ; Chigona, Wallace ; Bytheway, Andy J. ; Cox, Sanet ; Dumas, Chris ; Van Zyl, Izak 
2011The intersection of ethnography, design, and development: technological innovation in home-based healthcareVan Zyl, Izak ; Delen, Anton 
2014Mobile application design for health intermediaries considerations for information access & useVan Zyl, Izak ; De la Harpe, Retha 
2020Nurturing creative confidence and learner empathy: designing for academic staff developmentGachago, Daniela ; Van Zyl, Izak ; De Villiers, Morkel Jolanda ; Ivala, Eunice 
2012Prioritising University-Community engagement in North-South research partnershipsDe la Harpe, Aretha ; Van Zyl, Izak 
2013(Re)defining the role of the teacher in networked learning: The technology-for-education experience in South African primary schoolsVan Zyl, Izak ; Sabiescu, Amalia ; Pucciarelli, Marta 
2016Symbolic narratives and the role of meaning: Encountering technology in South African primary educationVan Zyl, Izak ; Sabiescu, Amalia 
2017Teacher perceptions on the use of digital gamified learning in tourism education: The case of South African secondary schoolsAdukaite, Asta ; Van Zyl, Izak ; Er, S ̧ ebnem ; Cantoni, Lorenzo 
2014Youth empowerment: the role of service design and mobile technology in accessing reproductive health informationMendonca, Hedvig ; Van Zyl, Izak