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2013Effect of chain length of surfactants on the interfacial properties of highly concentrated water in oil emulsionsSantkaran, N ; Masalov, I 
2014The effect of different portland cements on initial hydration reaction of a self-compacting concrete cement pasteHaldenwang, Rainer ; Masalova, I ; Elmakki, R 
2014The effect of different PPC binders, partially replaced by fly ash properties, on self-compacting concreteAlmuwbber, Omar ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Masalova, Irina 
2016Effect of limestone on the cement paste hydration in the presence of polycarboxylate superplasticiserElmakki, R ; Masalova, I ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Malkin, A ; Mbasha, W 
2006Evolution of rheological properties of highly concentrated emulsions with aging — Emulsion-to-suspension transitionMasalova, Irina ; Malkin, Alexander Ya ; Ferg, Ernst ; Kharatiyan, Ellina ; Taylor, Michael ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
2007The “Fifty Cent” rheometer-effect of slip, speed of lift and stability on measurement of yield stressHaldenwang, Rainer ; Slatter, PT ; Masalov, I 
2011Flow behaviour of highly concentrated emulsions of supersaturated aqueous solution in oilFoudazi, Reza ; Masalova, Irina ; Malkin, Alexander Ya 
2011Highly concentrated emulsions: Role of droplet sizeYakhoub, HA ; Masalova, I ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
2017The influence of variation in cement characteristics on workability and strength of SCC with fly ash and slag additionsAlmuwbber, Omar ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Mbasha, Willy ; Masalova, Irina 
2010Instability of highly concentrated emulsions with oversaturated dispersed phase. role of a surfactantTshilumbu, N.N. ; Ferg, E.E ; Masalov, I. 
2011IR studies of interfacial interaction of the succinic surfactants with different head groups in highly concentrated W/O emulsionsMasalova, I ; Kovalchuk, K ; Malkin, AYA 
2010Kinetics of emulsification and rheological properties of highly concentrated explosive emulsionsMudeme, S ; Masalova, I ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
2015Physical chemistry of highly concentrated emulsions.Foudazi, Reza ; Qavi, S ; Masalov, I ; Malkin, AY 
2018Rheokinetics of cement paste hydration during the dormant phaseMasalova, Irina ; Mbasha, Willy ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Malkin, Alexander Ya 
2011The rheology of binary mixtures of highly concentrated emulsions: Effect of droplet size ratioFoudazi, Reza ; Masalov, I ; Malkin, AYA 
2011The rheology of highly concentrated emulsions stabilised with different surfactantsMasalova, I ; Foudazi, Reza ; Malkin, AYA 
2010The role of interdroplet interaction in the physics of highly concentrated emulsionsFoudazi, Reza ; Masalov, I. ; Malki, A. Ya. 
2006Scaling in pipeline flow of Kaolin suspensionsMasalova, Irina ; Malkin, Alexander Ya ; Kharatiyan, Ellina ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
2011Using PXRD to investigate the crystallisation of highly concentrated emulsion of NH4NO3Ferg, E.E ; Masalova, I 
2015The yield stress of cement pastes as obtained by different rheological approachesMbasha, Willy ; Masalova, Irina ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Malkin, Alexander