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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2010The business of sport and global opportunitiesDavies, S.E.H. 
2008Challenging paradigms : why warm up prior to exercise?Strout, D ; Davies, Simeon 
2017Community perceptions of a CSR programme: a case study of a professional football clubDavies, Simeon ; Moyo, Talent 
2018A comparison of economy and sagittal plane trunk movements among back-, back/front- and headloadingHudson, Sean ; Cooke, Carlton Brian ; Davies, S.E.H. ; West, Sacha Jane ; Gamieldien, Raeeq ; Low, Chris ; Lloyd, Ray 
2010A comparison of the physiological consequences of head-loading and back-loading for African and European womenLloyd, Ray ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Partridge, T ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2015Corporate social responsibility and organisational performance of a professional football club in South AfricaMoyo, Talent ; Joubert, Etienne ; Davies, Simeon 
2017Disaster volunteerism : a utilitarian perspectiveDavies, S.E.H. 
2019The efficacy of rooibos Aspalathus linearis as an ergogenic aid during exerciseDavies, S.E.H. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; West, Sacha Jane ; Taliep, Mogammad Sharhidd ; Rautenbach, Fanie ; Gamieldien, Raeeq 
2006The energetics of walking on sand and grass at various speedsMacKinnon, Scott Netson ; Davies, Simeon 
28-Nov-2008Ethical issues in professional sport: advocating Machiavellian pragmatismDavies, S.E.H. 
2010The Extra Load Index as a method for comparing the relative economy of load carriage systemsLloyd, Ray ; Hind, Karen ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2010Health care corporations: Moral obligations and research bioethicsDavies, Simeon 
2011A kinetic comparison of back-loading and head-loading in Xhosa womenDavies, Simeon ; Lloyd, Ray ; Parr, Bridget M ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2008Locomotor training as part of a rehabilitation programme for patients with spinal cord injury: a case studyParr, Bridget M ; Gamieldien, Raeeq ; Davies, Simeon 
2010No 'free ride' for African women: A comparison of head-loading versus back-loading among Xhosa womenLloyd, Ray ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2013Online sport marketing: The case of a South African longboarding companyCox, Sanet ; Davies, Simeon 
12-Nov-2008Optimising sport performance: a human factors/ergonomics approachDavies, S.E.H. 
2015Perceived exertion and metabolic cost during progressive and randomized walking protocolsDavies, Simeon 
2006Performance and exertional variations during walking, running and jumping on terrains of varying complianceDavies, S.E.H. 
2008Physical performance characteristics of South African male and female emergency care studentsDavies, Simeon ; Naidoo, Navindhra ; Parr, Bridget M