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2013Challenges of tying small scale renewable energy systems to the grid in South AfricaFritz, Wilfred LO 
2017A comprehensive review of DSTATCOM: control and compensation strategiesGupta, Gunjan ; Fritz, Wilfred LO ; Kahn, MET 
Feb-2017Control algorithms for a three-phase Shunt Compensator – A comparative studyGupta, Gunjan ; Fritz, Wilfred LO 
2013Distance education by satellite and digital information Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Manufacturing and ResearchFritz, Wilfred LO ; Kahn, MTE ; Kallis, DC 
2009Distributed generation and cogeneration at universitiesFritz, Wilfred LO ; Kahn, Mohamed TE 
2013Embedded generation and its effect on utility bottom lineFritz, Wilfred LO 
2017Enhancement in distribution power quality using D-STATCOM with phase faultsGupta, Gunjan ; Fritz, W ; Khan, MTE 
2010An investigation of robust indoor location system techniques for educational purposesFritz, Wilfred LO ; Kallis, Deon ; Liu, Zhao 
2013Launching the South African Department of Energy’s energy efficiency target monitoring systemFritz, Wilfred LO ; Mabusela, X 
16-Oct-2017Modelling of harmonic stability and voltage distortion between electrical grid and distributed generation technologiesMusoni N.E ; Fritz, Wilfred LO ; Kahn M.E.T 
2017Modelling of harmonic stability and voltage distortion between electrical grid and distributed generation technologiesMusoni, NE ; Fritz, Wilfred LO ; Kahn, MTE 
2016Probabilistic Model for Residential Load Profiles and Power Quality ImprovementGupta, Gunjan ; Fritz, Wilfred LO 
2015PSIM simulations of a dc SQUID magnetometerOgunyanda, Kehinde ; Fritz, Wilfred LO ; van Zyl, Robert 
2012Renewable energy feed in tariffs, REBID, SASGI and the smart gridFritz, Wilfred LO 
2016Voltage unbalance for power systems and mitigation techniques a surveyGupta, Gunjan ; Fritz, Wilfred LO 
2011Working towards a greener future – The development of a prototype fuel cell-based vehicleKallis, Deon ; Fritz, Wilfred LO