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2007(1770) Proposal to conserve Calvatia nom. cons. (Basidiomycota, Lycoperdaceae) against an additional name, LanopilaCoetzee, Johannes C ; Van Wyk, Abraham E 
2013Calvatia Fr. (Fungi, Lycoperdaceae) in suider-Afrika: Vyftig jaar na BottomleyCoetzee, Johannes C ; Van Wyk, Abraham E 
2013Foliar shot-hole in the genus Trichilia: A self-defence mechanism against fungal infectionCoetzee, Johannes C 
2009The genus Calvatia (‘Gasteromycetes’, Lycoperdaceae): a review of its ethnomycology and biotechnological potentialVan Wyk, Abraham E ; Coetzee, Johannes C 
2010Lycoperdaceae-Gasteromycetes: taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Bottomley's 'doubtful, unknown and insufficiently described' species of LycoperdonCoetzee, Johannes C ; Van Wyk, Abraham Erasmus 
2012Nomenclatural and taxonomic notes on Calvatia (Lycoperdaceae) and associated generaCoetzee, Johannes C ; Van Wyk, Abraham E 
2009Peter Blum en die Commonwealth Mycological Institute: van digter tot abstraheerdeCoetzee, Johannes C 
2015Proposal to extend the restriction on nothogeneric name length to include bigeneric hybridsCoetzee, Johannes C 
30-Nov-2012Shot-hole of Trichilia emetica (Natal mahogany) in self-defence against fungal infectionCoetzee, Johannes C 
2017A Study of Oxygenation Techniques and the Chlorophyll Responses of Pelargonium tomentosum Grown in Deep Water Culture HydroponicsButcher, Joshua. D ; Laubscher, Charles P ; Coetzee, Johannes C