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2013Alignment of project objectives with incentives to achieve successful delivery of infrastructuresNdihokubwayo, R ; Crafford, Gerrit ; Buys, Fanie 
2013Construction and consultation team members’ motivational factors towards a successful infrastructure deliveryNdihokubwayo, R ; Crafford, Gerrit ; Buys, Fanie 
2013Consultant team members’ performance evaluation against incentives towards the achievement of green building principlesNdihokubwayo, R ; Crafford, Gerrit ; Buys, Fanie 
2012Evaluating the direct and indirect costs of rework in constructionSimpeh, Erick Kwame ; Ndihokubwayo, Ruben ; Love, PED 
2011Field diagnosis of causes and effects of rework in higher education residential facilitiesNdihokubwayo, Ruben 
2013Incentives as an activation agent for construction and consultant team members to enhance a successful construction project deliveryNdihokubwayo, R ; Crafford, Gerrit ; Buys, Fanie 
2008Introduction to an increased cost adjustment (ICA) formulaNdihokubwayo, Ruben 
2014Model for setting priority construction project objectives aligned with monetary incentivesNdihokubwayo, Ruben ; Crafford, Gerrit ; Buys, Fanie 
2008Origin-cause matrix: apractical approach for identification of waste associated with variation ordersNdihokubwayo, Ruben ; Haupt, Theodore C 
2015A rework probability model: a quantitative assessment of rework occurrence in construction projectsSimpeh, Eric Kwame ; Ndihokubwayo, Ruben ; Love, Peter ED ; Thwala, Wellington D 
2009Theories and concepts for an increased cost adjustment (ICA) formula for optimum cost escalation recoveryNdihokubwayo, Ruben 
2008Uncovering the origins of variation ordersNdihokubwayo, R ; Haupt, Theodore C 
2009Variation orders on construction projects: value-adding or waste?Ndihokubwayo, Ruben 
2010Waste reduction through lean and agile thinking - the case of variation ordersNdihokubwayo, Ruben