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2015Citation Analysis of Masters' Theses and Doctoral Dissertations: Balancing Library Collections With Students' Research Information NeedsBecker, Deborah ; Chiware, Elisha RT 
2018Citation Patterns of Conference Proceedings in Master’s and Doctoral Studies: A case study of Information Technology and SystemsChiware, Elisha RT ; Becker, Deborah 
2010Collecting statisticsBecker, Deborah 
2018CPUT Libraries Digital Platforms: Adding Value to Teaching, Learning and ResearchChiware, Elisha RT ; Lockhart, Janine ; Becker, Deborah ; Omar, Yunus ; Majal, Sulaiman 
2012CPUT statistics databaseBecker, Deborah 
2014Developing an ISO 2789 compliant database for South African academic library statisticsBecker, Deborah 
2010From repository to service: the CPUT Digital KnowledgeBecker, Deborah ; Moll, Michiel Erik 
2010Open access, digital libraries and DKBecker, Deborah 
2013Statistical databaseBecker, Deborah 
2012Statistical literacyBecker, Deborah 
2012Statistics and research support in libraries: CPUT Library experiencesChiware, Elisha RT ; Becker, Deborah 
2011Statistics at CPUT LibrariesMathe, Zanele ; Becker, Deborah 
2010The implication of developmental opportunities and diversity on social perception at CPUT: a case studyCoreejes-Brink, Petro ; Becker, Deborah 
2010Theses and repositoriesBecker, Deborah 
2012Using library statistics to inform, promote and advocate library services for new generation usersBecker, Deborah ; Hartle, Hillary